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Friday, August 12, 2011

New art!

I just finished a new mixed media piece.  This was done for a gift to give to my daughter's roommate for college.  The two girls know each other already and Blair has been one of my students in Anatomy.  They have been planning their dorm room decor.  They made a trip to Ikea, with out mamas, and bought a few things.  Maddie's piece has been done for a while.  Blair loves her boots, so Maddie and I agreed that the quote was perfect for her!  The girls will use the Art over their beds most likely.  They move in next Saturday!  I hope to do several blog post on Dorm Room Decorating with their help.  There is not much out there in this area for inspiration.  I would love to see pictures of past dorm rooms in your family for more ideas.  Please post if you are interested!

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