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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great day!

Today was the day that I took my baby to college!  We left home at 7 am, swung through Panera drive through and arrived at Salem about 9 am.  We pulled up in front of her dorm, unloaded the two cars onto the curb, and went to park the cars in another location.  When we got back, a swarm of upper class girls had already carried her stuff to her room!  I don't know why I expected any different...Salem has done everything with class throughout the whole admissions process this year!  Maddie was beaming at every turn the whole day.  Every few minutes I would hear "hey Maddie!" About every 10 minutes someone would stop by her room and comment on the furniture arrangement and goodies that she brought to decorate with.  Then someone else would show up saying that they were told to come see her room.  Maddie would beam even more (and momma's ego got feed a good bit too!).  I have done several post about things that we were DIYing.  Here they are in her new home:
Maddie's first day of college!
DIY: Laurel branch with fabric birds -there is a pattern on Spool for the birds, embroidery hooped fabric wall art.

TJ Max patchwork quilt and peace pillow.  Walmart $5 sheers.
DIY: Chalk boards added to the under bed rope baskets, Fabric banner made from precut quilting fabric squares and bias tape,  green husband pillow has yo-yos added to it, a mixed media collaged painting, paper collaged trunk.

Green Target lamp.  Ikea white metal bookshelf.
DIY:  Chalk board with scrap book paper half circles around the edges.  We had a hard time with command strips today which is why the chalk board is not hanging yet.  On the floor is an old suitcase that I did a mixed media painting on.  This is being used for art supplies.

DIY: Hooped fabric.  Another basket with metal letters attached.
Decorated lampshade.
Dyson knockoff fan ($125 on eBay).

Roommates end of desk.
Maddie's roommate Blair on her bright polka dot comforter!
 The art work is a mixed media piece that I did for her graduation present.
I am going to miss my girl very much, but I am not worried about her in the least!  I left her today, a happy, confident, young woman, ready and eager for this awesome adventure!  I still wonder every day how I got so" lucky" to get a girl like her to call my very own.  I have been blessed by her presence since the day she was born!  I love you sweet heart...have fun, work really hard, and make good choices!


  1. Love those colors! Wish I had such a stylish room! I might have stayed in it and studied more!
    You've made a follower out of me!
    Rikka J.
    Ricochet and Away!

  2. Oh my goodness this is AMAZING!!!! You managed to make a dorm room look like a million dollars. Seriously this should be in a magazine. Good for you!

  3. I have a Maddy too and this makes me feel all misty that she too will be leaving me one day!

    I hope that your Maddie has a truly wonderful time. She certainly has one of the nicest rooms I have ever seen!

    Best wishes,

  4. Love you too Mom :)

  5. Lucy- how cute! Great job. I believe her room is larger than my daughter's. I may have to go and check out wal-mart's sheers.
    Love it!

  6. Saw this and love the design! Where did you get the black shelving unit on the desk?

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  8. So cute!! Any idea where Blair got the polka dot comforter??

  9. it is super cute! and i'm going to off to college this year. I was wondering if you knew where she got that black cubby boxes on her desk?