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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paper White Gifts

I love to force Paper White bulbs during the holidays and often give them to friends as a gift in the season.  I can make 12 pretty packaged up bulbs for about $34 dollars, thats less than $3 for each gift!

Rocks, bells, ribbon, and glass vases are all from the Dollar Tree Store.

Paper White bulbs are from a local garden center.

Put about 2 inches of rocks in the vase,
tie bell into ribbon around the vase,
place one bulb on top of rocks,
and add a tag.

I used brown craft paper cut into strips for my tags.
They say "Happy Holidays" on one end
 and "Just add water" on the other end.
 I curled the ends with a pair of scissors before slipping it under the ribbon.
I now have 12 great gifts ready to go!

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  1. I was very grateful to receive one of these as a gift! It grew VERY tall!