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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Miss Mustard Seed Book Inspires

Chance, fate, God...

I was alone this week while my husband was traveling with work. I tend to roam around town, junking, etc. when he is away.  I found myself at LifeWay Christian book store.  I can not remember the last time I went into that store.....years most likely.   One of the first things I saw was Miss Mustard Seed's book.  I wasn't expecting to see it there.  Glad that it was and proud of the store!  Funny though, I had to tell the check out girl who Marian Parsons is and about her blog!

Home I went with a new treasure to read, absorb, and learn from.  Cover to cover in one sitting.  Laughed, cried, motivated.   Marian has presented the truth when it comes to how most of us must go about making our not so perfect houses into comfortable inviting homes.

I thought I would share my Ah Ha moments chapter by chapter as I go  through Inspired You the second time through.

Chapter 1:
 " I get giddy over room makeovers."  Yes I do!  It can start with finding that free chest of drawers on the curb!  The one that I pulled up the hill on hand trucks back to my house!

"I reached that moment in my life when I wasn't thriving.  I was churning through the routine of my day."  Been there, done that....about every three years there seems to be a moment like this and I realize that I did not have a creative outlet at the time.  Rearrange a room, clean something, make some small change in the house and my creativity takes shape again!

So what have I done today.....purged!  I have cleaned out a "catch all" closet, two drawers in the kitchen, and every single storage space and container in my art room!  The house is lighter and so is my spirit, creativity is bubbling, and I think I am ready to paint my home office , uhh...orange?!

Thanks Miss Mustard Seed!

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