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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chapter 4: Thrill of the Hunt!

Chapter 4 of Inspired You by Marian Parson is all about the thrill of the hunt.  I don't want junk in my home, I want good stuff!  Real wood, with dove tail drawers, and character that comes with its age.  Trouble is that the really good stuff, when its new, is not compatible with my purse.  I learned how to treasure hunt from my mom.  She has the eagle eye for great second hand clothes!  I tend to scope out the home good sections at thrift stores.  Bless the day I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  There has been a lot of trash to treasure weekends as a result of that great paint! (I haven't tried Marian's milk paint...YET!)

I get it...the value of the dollar that is.  Treasure hunting for me isn't necessarily just about finding something good for cheap though.  I enjoy the outing to the thrift and antique malls, the piddling around by myself.  I love the extra heartbeat when you see something you were looking for....I love old metal working mans lunch boxes and little bitty oil cans!   I love having $20 burning a whole in my pocket for that special treasure to take home.  That's my rule : $20 dollars or less for something I really love!  It is even better when the treasure also becomes a new creative project to do at home.

Chapter 4 reminds me of a post I did last July.  Treasure hunting may be genetic!
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