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Monday, November 5, 2012

My imperfect home, Chapter 3

Ah ha moments abound in Miss Mustard Seed's book, Inspired You .  I have underlined eleven different passages in Chapter 3!

Page 61:  "...I was never going to have a bouncy seat in my house..."

There are just some things in our homes that just have to be there no matter how much of an eye sore they create. There will always be something.... for me its the dog kennel!  It is huge, it has their dog blankets waded up in the bottom, takes up one whole end of my sun porch, which is also my formal dining room.  Because it has gotten a bit cooler, there is also a portable radiator close by so they don't get cold at night.  You should see me trying to take pictures at just the right angle as to not get the kennel in my table scape pics for blogging.   On yes, the other eye sore and my husbands prized possession, is a road bike hanging on a hook on the wall ... in the same room!   How can I complain?  The biggest thing on that porch is a 12 ft farm house table that seats 12 people.  My husband made it for me last Thanksgiving....my prized possession!  I take great joy in decorating and redecorating that table.

I think I can overlook the kennel, and the bike, because my table on that sun porch is just perfect!


  1. I so understand the dog crate. We have that very same one in my living room right between the bookcase and the entertainment center. I wouldn't have it any other way though because I know my precious girl is nestled in her "house." The things we do for our pets! I've enjoyed reading your Miss Mustard Seed posts. I'm going to have to hunt this one up at the library now!

  2. Don't worry about the dog kennel or the bike.I think a home should look lived in-otherwise it isonly a house.Beautiful table!

  3. With a beauty of a table like that, I could overlook quite a few things. It's a constant struggle to keep the house neat and tidy but the odds and ends laying about, and dogs nestled into the cushions, make it a home. I love your porch and the fun brooms on the wall and that table... fabulous!