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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mantle-scaping in the art room

One thing leads to another... it started with GW stools for my art table.  Which lead to recovering the seat bottoms of the stools in a bright happy fabric.  The windows needed that happy fabric too!  Then I just had to do a little playing on the mantle.  My art/craft room is actually my living room that never got used.  I live in a large house that has three large living area spaces.  All three have fireplaces.  When I complained that I did not have enough wall space on the sun porch, my wonderful husband suggested that I use the living room for my studio.  The more I thought about, the more I liked the idea!  But I knew it had to be pretty, not junked up with plastic bins and such.  I am still working on the little details to make it functional and pretty!  I love the location...right next to the office and the kitchen!

You can see the mantle in these pictures.  The art work is one of my original mixed media pieces.  The apothecary jars are filled with ribbons.  The ruler and cloche were both thrifty finds.  Maddie's picture is one of my absolute favorites of her when she was little.  Just being in this room inspires me to be creative and the process of being creative is the best high I know!

I am joining Inspiration Friday over at The Picket Fence!

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