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Monday, July 18, 2011

A few changes

I have had some time to do a few changes around the house lately!  I've gotten to use my new chalk paints on a few frames and a rocking chair that I used when my son was a baby.
Master Bedroom

Chalked rocking chair replacing a dark plantation chair in the corner.

1st layer was aubuson blue, old white on top, clear wax.

The lamps are a redo.  They used to be brass and now they are dark blue with new burlap shades.
These next pictures are of a two part redo.  The rooster picture is a print that my husband gave me 20 years ago.  The colors were drab and outdated but I still liked the overall scene.  I took it apart and painted over the print in brighter colors, added some collaged scrapbook papers, and finished it off with some charcoal outlines.  I had two new white mats cut to replace the hunter green and barn red ones.  I put it all back together and hung it back in the same place.  I did not do anything to the frame at the time. The more I looked at it the more I thought the dark wood frame needed to be changed.  I used antibes green and old white.  It fits the kitchen color scheme now!

After: print and frame redo 

Redone print before chalking the frame.  I had already taped it off for painting in this picture.

It fits the kitchen decor much better now.  Cabinets are white and the counter tops are black.  As you can see, the walls are green apple.
I have some other ideas filling the space in my head!  I am sure a few more changes will take place in the 30 days I have left before school starts back!

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