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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patriotic Finish #2

Patriotic Heart 2010
Quaker Style by Aury Torres

I finished my second patriotic piece this weekend!  I love the way the heart shape sewed out. The 4th of July week has always been a special time of year for me.  John and I got married on June 30th and spent our honeymoon over the week of the fourth (21 years ago!).  Because John works in Textiles, and the mills typically close down for the week of the fourth, our family vacations have always been this time of year as well.  I really just started stitching about 6 months ago.  My neighbor, fellow teacher, and best friend Clara got me started, mainly to have something to do on Thursday nights at a local shop's stitch night (knitting and stitching).  Clara is the designer for The Stitching Parlor and does beautiful work!  It did not take long to get bit by the stitching bug!  I am now hunting out stitching sites on the internet, looking for stitch stores in other towns, and yes, starting a blog to show off my finishes!  The best shop for supplies closest to Clara and I is The Stitch and Frame in Rock Hill, SC.  We frequent it often!  I also joined a sampler guild after attending a meeting with Clara.  One of the best results of starting to stitch is that my hands are so busy ...busy hands don't put as much food in my mouth!  I also have enjoyed the flexibility to stitch anywhere.  Most of the art that I do requires a lot of messy supplies and access to the kitchen sink for clean up.  My stitching projects and my Kindle are the two most important things that are going with me to Bald Head Island next week....I can't wait for this vacation!  Happy 4th everyone!

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