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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dorm room decorating


Here is "my girl" that is now graduated and will be going off to Salem College in August!  We have been planning and buying things for her dorm room for months now.  It is starting to come together with the flare she had in mind!  Girls are much different in regards to their dorm room decorating than boys are.... I am having lots more fun helping her than when my son was gearing up for his first dorm room!
Here is the bedding.  We laid it all out on Jesse's bed, the only twin bed in the house, to see how it would look all together.  The bright colors should brighten a small dorm room and be a happy place to rest her head at the end of the day!
I made this mixed media collage piece after she found the quote.  It represents her so well!  I would take a Raggedy Ann over a Barbie any day!  She is going to use it over the bed.
Is that not the cutest little fan?  I need to take a picture of the lampshade that we created based off one that we had seen at Anthropology.  We couldn't afford to buy the one in the store, so Maddie said,"You could make that mom!"  That was all I needed to hear....the challenge was on!  I will post on the lamp soon!

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