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Saturday, February 15, 2014

On the big easel...

The urge hit last night to put paint to canvas. 
 I am loving this large scale,
 traditional acrylic painting process this morning! 
 Big, long handle brushes.  
Using the big easel.  
Standing on a step stool.  
Mixing paint right on the canvas.  
Stepping back to look.  

I paint dark to light.  I start with the absolute darkest colors I have and layer lighter and lighter for up to 4 or 5 colors.    I think I have been painting for about 12 hours today.  Loved every minute!  I did have to share my work table.......
This is Burlap.  he jumps up onto the little sofa, then onto the back of it and up onto my table every time I start working.  I decided to just put a little bed up there for him.  He was totally content to be there all day!


  1. I love it!! How long did it take to do?

  2. I absolutely love it! A friend has an old truck on his farm that looks like this-I think-I don't know anything about the make and model of trucks! LOL. Anyway his is mint green! His wife was wanting me to paint it. I may try after seeing yours, since it is so cute. I do love to do a large canvas every once in a while-though for the last year I have done everything on 8x10 for some reason.I have three dogs too-two doxies and a jack russell mix.I have to put up the doggie gate when I am painting-they are always sneaking around finding something to chew up!

  3. Really like this and your progress pics are wonderful!! Does your paint dry between the layers? Your work is awesome <3