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Sunday, February 23, 2014


I needed a picture of myself in my new Rough Linen pinafore for the owner of Rough Linen.  She requests pictures of her products in real life to use on her website.  I had my Maddie home this weekend and took advantage of the beautiful NC weather for having a little photo shoot.  I would prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it!  Why is that?  Kids love having their picture made...when does that change?  I guess its a confidence thing....we should love everything about ourselves... we were made by a master artist.  When I put on a great hat, my magic shoes, a simple white tee, and a comfy pair of jeans or overalls, I feel like I represent my true self.  True is my one word for this year. The plain white tee and jeans is the simplistic part me, the one who is content to stay at home creating, watching a good movie, cooking, and reading.  The hat and shoes reveal my eclectic spirit, love for color, whimsy, and willingness to take risk.  At 47, I love who I've developed into on the inside, and accept, with pride, every wrinkle and curve on the outside!  ME!


  1. I love your hat ! and the tote, too of course. I wish I could find one here, in France. And I forgot : you are beautiful !

  2. Michelle, you are beautiful! I loved this post and the self-acceptance we all strive for is evident in you. Thank you so much for sharing today!

  3. I have to ask... where ever did you find that hat??? It's divine!!