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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Magic Shoes In the South

We have a published author and illustrator in the family!
Magic Shoes In the South is now available on Amazon!

Did you have a favorite pair of shoes when you were a kid?  Shoes that you made sure you were wearing on all your playtime adventures?  Shoes that made you run faster and jump higher?  My daughter Maddie started a story line four years ago in high school about a purple pair of high top tennis shoes that could take her on the most amazing adventures.  Magic shoes has developed from a simple digital project for a high school graphic communication class to a full 32 page illustrated book available to purchase on Amazon.

Magic Shoes In the South will speak to anyone that has ever lived south of the Mason Dixon Line...fishing with a cane pole, picking peaches, drinking sweet tea, etc.  Knobby knees, a bandaid, and a purple pair of chucks grace the illustrated pages of familiar southern places, and experiences.  The reading is aimed toward the younger child but even the oldest southerner will smile at the walk down memory lane.
Maddie is a go getter!  She makes things happen for herself!  She uses her 20 Seconds of courage every single day and great things are happening!

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