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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Decorating a Grad Pad!

 My son is starting graduate school at the University of Wyoming in percussion performance.  I am normally blogging about dorm room decorating about this time.  This year, I have gotten a chance to do a Grad Pad!  My son spent all four years of undergraduate school in a shared dorm room.  He is thrilled to have a small studio apartment by himself for graduate school.

His apartment is in this old victorian mansion in the middle of a prairie.
The house is divided into several small studio spaces.
Each tenant has access to a common kitchen, several bathrooms, and a laundry room.

Jesse has the largest space in the house, ground floor, with the turret room.
 Good Space and a blank neutral space to work with!  We planned everything for his space basically sight unseen.  All we had to go on were a few bad pictures on the rental website, and the room's measurements.  We packed every percussion instrument he owned, all of his cloths and the minimal furniture pieces into an ABF shipping trailer and sent it on its way to Wyoming a week before we were to arrive.

We used two Ikea Expedite bookcases to divide the space into bedroom and living areas.

Our biggest obstacle was no closet.
The book cases helped to hide the free standing cloths rack.

Two clocks: Wyoming time and one for NC time.

The turret room is his office area.

He was pleased and proud when we finished.  We made sure he had plenty of old things from home to feel like "home" and a few new things to round it out.  Big step up from a dorm room!
He can sit in that big green leather chair and look out the door at this view every night!


  1. Jesse looks very happy in his new space! What a great view he's got, too!

  2. what great room...blokey and eclectic...love it :)