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Friday, April 13, 2012

Guess where I have been!

Did you guess?  
Did you guess Williamsburg, Va.?  
I have been on spring break from school this week.  Took a girls trip for two nights up to Virginia.  Stopped at two stitch shops: Dying to Stitch in Virginia Beach and The Stitching Well in Williamsburg.  Both were very good shops for cross stitch patterns, fabric, and threads!  I will share what I bought in another post.  
It was fun to get away for a few days with a good friend!  
Only 3 days left of break...I guess I am going to have to clean the house (or "play" in the house by moving stuff around!) Future post may tell the real story of the next three days!

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  1. I recognized it right away! I adore Williamsburg and whenever I go home to visit my folks, if I have time, I make a trip! Looking forward to seeing your stash!