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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Experimenting on project bags

The Carolina Stitcher keeps coming up with new ways to make her project bags look so cute!  I have "borrowed" several of her ideas and incorporated them into these two new bags of mine.
I had just finished this Lizzie Kate piece called "Land That I Love".  The first idea I borrowed from Faye was to add it to the outside of the bag.  I had originally thought I would make a pocket of it but ended up just doing a tight zig zag to hold it onto the bag.
The second idea I borrowed from Faye was to add the hang tag.
 I had 12 inches of this twill flag printed tape and cut
 just enough to fold in half and have it stick out the seam.
The fabric is designed by Black Bird Designs.

It just looked like it needed something else so I put the rick rack in above and below the zipper.  This ia a large bag, measures about 12 x 12.  I have made several this size and like them because some of the designs I work are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.  This way, I don't have to fold the design.
I had enough left over fabric to sew up this small bag and try something new.
 Do you see what this little bag can do?

After stitching the bag up, I opened it inside out and ran
 the sewing machine across the bottom corners.

It stands up by itself!
A few ideas borrowed, and some experimenting....
a fun, fun day of projects!  Back to school tomorrow after a week of Spring Break.


  1. You did a beautiful job on these bags, they're gorgeous!

  2. Your bags are absolutely perfect! You did a wonderful job on them and your photos are really pretty, too!