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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My iPhone matches my purse!

I really like Vera Bradley bags!  This hipster style is my favorite for hands free thrifting trips.
This island blue pattern is so fun...loving the aqua and lime together!

This is my iPhone all decked out to match my new purse!

I took an up close photo of the fabric and saved it as my background.

The translucent cover came from the cheap bins at Office Depot for $5.99.  Most covers that I see are $25 at other places.
I cut a rectangle from scrapbook paper, used a corner punch to round of the edges, colored in the leaves with a lime marker, used rubber stamps to do a monogram, cut out the camera hole, and popped it in between the case and phone.

This was a fun quick craft for a Sunday afternoon!

This style has a deep side pocket that I slip my phone into when I am out and about.

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