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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Carolina Stitcher inspires!

If you are a stitcher and haven't visited Faye over at Carolina Stitcher, then you are missing out on her beautiful hand work.  She is the fastest stitcher I have ever seen!  She always has great ways to finish her work.  I am always looking forward to see what she posts.  Today, Faye posted a give away!  In her post she highlighted her sweet zippered project bags (which is part of her give away!).  I fell in love with those bags and couldn't get to the cloth store fast enough this afternoon.  I made the two bags in less than an hour tonight.  They were super easy!

I will be going back to the store for more supplies tomorrow !  Thanks for the inspiration Faye!


  1. This totally makes me smile!! Thanks for the compliment and I think YOU are great inspiration~~

    Always, Faye

  2. Cute! Love your choice of fabric. I will go check this out.