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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Table base gets finished!

 My boys got the table base out to the garage today and started the finishing work that we did not get done in time for Thanksgiving.  Remember... the table got brought in ten minutes before Thanksgiving lunch last month.  We had to wait for Jesse to get home to move that really heavy table top again!
 The boys added the the two rails in the center.  Maddie and I painted the words and lettering on each end.  We wanted an industrial crate/barrel look.  The numbers are significant to our family.
 Here is everyone in on the sanding and waxing.
 And back on the porch with table top in place.

My next mission is to tone down those lag bolts so that they look old!  John's next project is to figure out how to do some new lighting.  I want three lights hanging over the table.  Right now there is two ceiling fans  and neither one are over the table.

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