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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nights in Rodanthe!

I am on vacation in the Outer Banks of NC.  I should be excited about the wild horses that I saw, or the the four lighthouses, or the the Kitty Hawk Memorial Park, or the the gigantic dunes at Jockey's Ridge.  But no!  What did I get ecstatically giddy over?  This house!!!!
This is the house that was in the movie NIGHTS IN RODANTHE (Richard Gere!) The movie is based on Nicholas Sparks book. I did not realize the movie had actually been filmed in Rodanthe, NC!  As we rode down highway 12, I said," I know that house from somewhere!"  A little research on our iphones was all it took for me to get excited!  I was not going to let my family do anything else until I got a picture!

 The house was actually moved back up he beach after the movie.  If you remember, the house was actually falling into the ocean as it was filmed.  It was moved 7//10 of a mile to higher ground.
 My son thought I was crazy!
 Maddie however was just as excited as I was!
Bodie Island lighthouse was beautiful!

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