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Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Pens : More Tags

I'm still making holiday tags with baggies,  but I was running into a bit of a problem with my black pens to do outlining and word writing.  Gel pens would skip to much and were to thin of a width for my liking.  A felt tip marker and Sharpie were not the look I wanted and were really wider widths than I thought looked good.  Some black pens would start to to write and then just quit.  I went on a Saturday adventure to my new favorite art shop, Donna Downey's Studio in Huntersville, NC, and bought myself a couple of new black ink tools to try out!
No outlining

The top Holly leaves are done in the Krink and the bottom leaves are with the Fineline.

I am liking the line of this tool!

So here is my product review:
Krink is a an acrylic paint pen that has a roller ball applicator tip.  You squeeze and write.  It leaves a nice painterly line that is a wide width. Cost: $9.99

Fineline Applicator is just a bottle with a long needle like tip that you fill with the paint of your choice.  It is a little hard to control because the applicator tip is so long but it leaves a very nice thin paint line when you get the hang of it.  Cost: $5.00 and it is refillable!

I tried them both out on my monoprinted holiday tags with good results from both.  I am leaning more toward the Fineline Applicator bottle.  I like the thinner width line and the fact that I can refill the bottle with $1 craft acrylics.

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog through FB and love your instructions for the monoprinting with plastic bags! I follow Alissa Burke also but don't remember the post on plastic bag mono printing, will check it out. Thanks for the info on the pens! Have you ever tried Christy Tomlinson's Scarlet Lime black, permanent pen? It is great on all types of backgrounds - it "writes" over just about anything. See you on FB!