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Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Gift Tags: Started with a zip lock bag!

I was inspired by Alisa Burke's blog last night! Check out her fabulous and colorful blog here.  She has a basic picture tutorial and a quick video on monoprinting with a plastic baggie.  I have been monoprinting for a couple of months now using a Gelli Arts silicon plate and love it!  Monoprinting is very addictive but Gelli plates are a bit pricey.  After seeing Alicia get the same printing effect using a ziplock bag,  I had to try it!  Wow!  Totally cool and cheap way to print.  I immediately thought about using this method to teach my friends how to print... better yet... a Holiday Tag Party!  If my work friends are reading this post....the invitation is coming soon!

I took pictures as I worked along this morning....
Supplies: Plastic bag, craft paint, a roller, paint brush, black ink pen, and cardstock.

Dribble a few of your favorite colors out on a palette(Piece of paper!)

Dribble a little paint directly onto the plastic bag. Then spread the paint around with the roller.

Draw some wavy line with the end of the paint brush.

Flip the baggie over onto a piece of card stock. Press with fingers. Peel back the baggie.  Repeat to cover your paper.

Paint three outlines of holly leaves.  Use the end of paintbrush to draw lines in the paint.

Turn baggie over onto the paper and press. Peel back baggie.

Use a different green and paint holly leaves again.

Draw lines in the wet paint with end of brush.

Turn baggie over onto paper again.  You are just layering paint.  No need to be perfect!  Eyeball it!

I repeated holly leaf process with one more color of green.

Paint red dots on the plastic baggie.  Draw swirl lines in the red with the end of the brush.

Position baggie over paper and press.  I did a hot pink layer the second time.

Cut the paper into tags on a paper cutter. Use a black pen to "messy" outline leaves and berries.
I wrote holiday words on mine.

I love the way they turned out!

Here is a tag with some of my favorite holiday paper.

Great for tying on a plain gift bag or a bottle of wine.
If you lived close to me, would you want to come over and " baggie print" some holiday tags?


  1. How fun! I would definitely come over and make some of those cute tags!

  2. these are just stunning, and so simple :)

  3. MOST DEFINITELY!!! "stalking" your blog is such therapy for my soul!!!

  4. I noticed from my blog stats that you came and checked out my blog so I'm checking out yours too:-) these geli prints are very cool! I'll have to try them too. Sounds like you teach your girlsfriends like I do and I totally get not coming into your own artistically until the ripe old ages of over 45.. What were we thinking , waiting this long to find out creative bliss? Way to go! I can't figure out how to sign on here correctly but I'm erin at www.thelittledetailscompany.typepad.com. Thanks for stopping by

  5. That is so neat! Yours look great. I would definitely join in on a tag printing party.

  6. LOVE this! thanks for sharing such great instructions..

  7. LOVE this! thanks for sharing such great instructions..

  8. Great idea Lucy , thanks for sharing!