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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pieced together for $4

How do you add character to a dorm room when you can't really hang anything heavy on the walls? (They don't let you use nails!)  If Command hooks don't hold it up, you are just out of luck!  Those rooms are also really tiny!  Here is a little piece we put together to be free standing.  My daughter had something very similar pinned from Pinterest on her boards.  It will be a beside light and night stand for my daughters dorm room.  The two little shelves are for her iphone and Nook.  All parts to make this were thrifted for a total cost of $4.00 plus little handy work from dad!

Removed the inner lid from the mason jar  and fitted it with a plastic circle
 that had a whole in it that just fit over the socket.

Hubby drilled a hole so the cord could go down the back.

Hubby added feet and two half circle shelves.

I paid $1.21 for this Ikea wall light at a thrift shop.

This long cabinet door had been at Habitat Restore
 for over 90 days so I got it discounted to $2.50.
We move her back to school on Thursday.  I will have lots of pictures on Friday!

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  1. What a clever idea! I love it! I bet this gets pinned on a lot of people's boards. :)

  2. wow incredible. You are amazing. What a great idea!

  3. How cute is this!!! would love it if you would share it at Share It One More Time party
    New follower

  4. This is just the cutest thing! How creative! And we both know, you have to be real creative with tiny dorm rooms for girls! LOL! I love the blue mason jars for lamp shades! Hope the moving in went well for ya'll today! I looked back on your daughter's room last year, and it was so cute!!! I love the wall hanging and bird/branches over her desk! Can't wait to see your pictures this year!

    Thanks for the kind comments on my daughter's room! This is Ashley's 2nd year, too! And about the desk chair.... Last year, the freshman dorm's had built in furniture, so all was different, and the desk chairs were plain jane, stock "not too pretty or comfortable!" During summer orientation 2011, some upper classmen suggested we bring a chair from home to match the decor, or one that was more comfortable. So we did ...a teal blue desk chair. But when Ashley changed her colors a little, we bought the black chair for this year. We are allowed to bring the chairs home and store them, but they have to be back in the dorm when they move out, or else we are charged for them. Wouldn't you know it, her desk, bed, and chair this year are like brand new, ...and the chair rocks slightly and is pretty comfortable! LOL! But we already had the black chair bought, so for now she is leaving the school chair on the other side of the room, in front of a tall shelf her room mate brought for the TV and extra storage. It gives them extra seating for guests! :)

    ....sorry for the long comment! I'll drop in soon to see your daughter's new dorm!

  5. Oh...and I love your artwork! You have a great talent!

    Now following you! :)

  6. Just stopping by to let you know you have been featured on Share It One More Time and included with some other great projects on the Mood Blog Board
    ... Hope to see you at the next party http://www.onemoretimeevents.com/2012/08/features-aug-17-mood-feature-boards-and.htmlt