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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dorm Room: Sophomore Year

Moved my Maddie back to college for her second year today.  She was asked to be an orientation leader at the last minute, so she moved in about 9 days earlier than we were expecting.  Yesterday was a whirlwind of errands and packing of the car!  I didn't get the pictures I wanted to get of the room.  It was getting late and she had to get to the dining hall before it shut down.  Her roommate can't move in till next week so only half the room is done.  She was ready for us to leave anyway!  
 Head board was from last year. Just recovered with drop cloth fabric we stenciled and painted a monogram on.  It is attached with large wire ties around the regular legs of the bed frame.

 All of the embroidery hooped fabrics were reused this year as well as the wire bird memo holder.
I will get more pictures later!


  1. What a fun dorm room! She will love being there!

  2. This is wonderful dorm decor! The hoops are a great way to add color. I especially like the headboard.


  3. How did you attach the headboard? I would love to make/get one for my dorm room, but I have NO IDEA how I would put it on the bed. Help?

    1. It is attached with large wire ties around the regular legs of the bed frame.

  4. You seriously need links in your posts or on your sidebar! Took me forever to scroll through your blog to find this! i love her room! it was worth the scroll, i'd say.

  5. I saw this headboard pinned on pinterest and loved it. I have looked everywhere on your blog for more pictures or helpful hints. Any help would be appreciated...