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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sampler Guild Basket

I belong to the Carolina Sampler Guild.  This past year was the guilds 20th year! I have only been a member the last two years.  Two of the lectures and projects this past year have been samplers originating from girls at Salem Female Academy.  I have been fascinated to hear the stories of these girls mainly because my own daughter is attending Salem Women's College, which was formally Salem Female Academy.
The projects that we participated in were sewing smalls that we could use in our 20th anniversary stitching baskets.  I have been behind all year...but I have gotten caught up this summer!  Here is my completed work basket:

These were measuring squares made from photos of our guild's sampler.

Allison Needle Book
Motif & Border adapted from
Peggy Allison's Sampler of 1808
Stitched at Salem Female Academy, NC

Mary Locke's Pinkeep
Motif & border adapted from Mary Locke's Sampler of 1812
Stitched at Salem Female Academy, NC

Ann Wragg Scissors Fob
Motif adapted from Ann Wragg's sampler of 1764
Stitched in Charleston, SC

Mint Tin using perforated paper.
Design and a lecture on the history of perforated paper
was given by a member of our guild.


  1. Oh Michelle, these are just so awesome! I especially love that tiny fob and all that over one stitching! Job well done! What a neat idea for an guild anniversary.

  2. What a wonderful project. This is a fabulous Guild. I was a member years ago but it is too hard for me to get to Charlotte anymore.
    Your daughter is so lucky to go to such a wonderful school in such a wonderful location!
    Have a great weekend!