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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Milk Glass with dried hydrangeas!

I did it!  
I dried them!  
First time drying hydrangeas!  
All four milk glass vases were Salvation Army purchases.

I cut the stems on Monday,
hung them upside down in pairs from the light fixture with jute,
and they were dry Thursday!

I used a little styrofoam chunk in each vase.
 I laid a scrap piece of burlap over the styrofoam
 and used a screw driver to make holes through it and the styrofoam.
 I cut stems to length and stuck them in the holes!

I had these in my head for quite a while....
Trish at The Old Post Road paints wonderful pictures of flowers in vases
that look like these.
So, a little reversal going on .....
her paintings inspiring the real flowers!  


  1. Those are beautiful!!! You are so sweet to have credited me! Thank you !! They look great!

  2. They dried out just perfectly!!
    and, what great finds to put them in~~~