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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A finish fit for a leprechaun...

This was a fun stitch.  Country Cottage Needleworks has a "Cottage of the Month"series going this year.

I remember when my children were little and had leprechaun traps to make for school!  I bought this little Tom Clark figure back then to get trapped.....I told them if we could trap a leprechaun he would be frozen forever!  I couldn't resist putting him out with "March".  It looks like a cottage fit for a wee little leprechaun!  Maddie will be home for spring break this Friday and I am sure she will get a kick out of seeing him!

 Can't wait to have my girl home for a week!

Jesse is out for spring break this week... do I get to see him? NO!  That Boy is lucky enough to be on a cruise this week with The Appalachian Steel Drum Band  as a class for college credit!  College is way better now than it was 25 years ago!  I'm very jealous!

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