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Sunday, May 11, 2014


I have been thinking about mothers and daughters and their relationships this week.  As I look back and think about my mother and all the things she did for me, I am merely a reflection of her as I mother to my own daughter and son.  With out her love and example through the decades, I could not be the mother I am today.  My Mom still thinks about me long before I slow down to think about her, including special occasions like this weekend.  My mom sent me a card with some spending money before I even got to a store to pick out a card for her.  But then I realize that I am just following her example because I to am always thinking and doing for the two who come after me.  I guess that defines a good mother... putting your children, their needs, desires, and well being above your own.  I love you momma....Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Lucky are you to have a loving relationship with your mother. Sadly I never did. But, wow! Looking at this picture of your mother was like looking in the past. Either are paths have crossed at one point in time, June 1967 to be exact or she has a twin that I had the most wonderful pleasure to meet while on my honeymoon. I just sit here looking at her picture.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day surrounded by those that cherish and love you.