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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New "True" colors necklace!

I fell in love with this necklace at a great shop in Asheville, NC.  I could not bring myself to pay the $89 price tag.  I rushed home, went to Walmart and bought all the supplies I needed to make my own for less than $10!  I will be wearing my "True" colors for New Years Day!
Original necklace at the store: $89

My version: < $10

Get a variety of hair bands.

This was a covered hook and loop from the sewing isle.
Open sides with pliers and attached the first band.

Continue to loop hair bands in a chain fashion.

When you get about a third of the length down,
 start adding colored hair bands to each side of each new hair band you put in.
I added three to each side, a small, medium, and large. 

Keep adding to the chain until you have the 2nd third finished.

Finish the last third off with loops of hair bands. 

Put the other end of hook and loop closure onto the last hair band.

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