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Sunday, October 6, 2013

a few peeks at a readers surprise!

These pictures are smidgens of a 12x16 mixed media piece that I am sending to a blogger friend!  Giving is so much more exciting than selling!  This is the first piece that I have done that all the papers that I used were Gelli plate printed first.  And what I really love is that all the paper came from the recycle bin in my classroom.  Most were left over worksheets and microscope diagrams (I teach science!).  It also includes my new favorite paint color, neon pink! 


  1. Love the combination of colors and patterns! Really lovely!
    I like them even more when I read they are from recycled science diagrams!!

  2. I am fairly new at gelli prints, but I think I'm addicted! You have inspired me to try collage! What adhesive do you use? I love the neon pink!