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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Early Morning Painting

I got up at 4:30.... couldn't sleep.  It's a dreary Sunday morning.  Cold, windy, drizzling.  I haven't seen the sun shine here in NC for two weeks.  The house was quiet...I probably woke the others in the house with the hairdryer....I use one to dry paint and gel medium fast.  It's 8:45 now and the painting is completely finished.


  1. I love it, Lucy! You did that in less than 4 hours? Holy cow - I'd be at it forever. Can't draw a lick and I'm so envious of you for having such a wonderful talent!
    Love it with the jar, of course!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful! I found your blog via a pinterest post, love it!

  3. BTW do you sell your art? Because I would totally buy this piece-well that is if I can afford it-LOL