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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twenty seconds...

Benjamin Mee's quote from the movie I BOUGHT A ZOO has become a bit of a mantra for our family. I believe that a lack of courage is all that stands in the way of full filling our greatest dreams.  My son, especially, is destined for great things and very often needs to muster up those 20 seconds of insane courage to find his way. He has seen its value lately! My daughter is quicker to act on her 20 seconds, she is an inspiration!  My husband holds back on the twenty seconds most of the time, but he tried it out this fall and was energized by its effect.  Long before I knew Mee's quote, I could summon up the courage to make changes in my career.

So, I thought this quote was a good one to try out the sign making technique that I've seen on Pinterest.
We started with a board, used a variety of scrap booking stickers, sprayed over the letters with flat spray paint, and then peeled the letters off.  I was very pleased with the professional look that resulted!

Now to find the perfect spot in the house for it to hang ... after all, it needs to be starring us in the face for it to continue to have its positive influence!


  1. What great inspiration AND a great way to remind yourselves! Thanks for sharing both.

  2. What a great quote and a neat way to make a plaque too!