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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Home for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to me!  
My son and daughter are both home from college for the summer.  I am so glad to have everyone home, and back under the same roof one more time!
 Jesse is 20, soon to be 21 next month.  Maddie, my pearl girl, is 18.  She has finished up her freshman year at Salem College.
Doesn't he look cute in his seersucker jacket?  Jesse was a Jr Marshall on Saturday for Appalachian State University and their school of music.  I am a proud mama!

Someone once pulled me aside and told me that I was too hard on my children...

 I took my job seriously as a mother while they were growing up.  Yes, my expectations were high.  Yes, I punished them when they were little.  No!  I said it a lot!  Mixed all of that with unending hugs and kisses.  Tried hard to model a strong work ethic.   I believed that I only had a short time to teach them how to be a responsible, and respected individual.

Today I see two young adults that are happy, confident in their own skin, ambitious, respected by their peers and professors, and have a strong sense of family.

So, to that person who made that comment so many years ago, thank you!  That was the best compliment anyone could have ever given me!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! Parenting is indeed a tough job.