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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gallery wall in progress...

This is the start of a gallery wall in my family room. The fish painting is one of my own originals that I moved from another room.  I don't know exactly what else I want to use.  Unique things that lend a hint to my family's interests is what I am aiming for.  I know that  lamps on in a picture is a no no but the natural light in this room is very poor.  The windows open out onto another room/sun porch that only gets afternoon sun.  A few other changes in the family room are the new dark orange pillows from ikea, the braided rug on the coffee table, and a new lampshade.

 I am posting to "Wow us Wednesdays"!


  1. What a great cozy room. That wall will look great when it is finished. Love the oars.

  2. I love your gallery wall! I would love to have the fish painting at the lake! Everything looks great!